Innovative Funding for Women's Organisations

Gender Equality, Women's Empowerment and the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness: Issues Brief 3

Innovative Funding for Women's Organisations
The purpose of this Issues Brief is to share research findings on levels of funding and the financial sustainability of women’s organisations in the context of changing approaches to delivering aid, provide ideas for donors on how to strengthen the work and roles of women’s organisations in making development effective and sustainable, illustrate innovative donor practices and approaches, and identify some future challenges for donors, partners and civil society organisations. It responds to the recognition by several donors that their investments in gender equality and women’s empowerment were not matching their policy statements and commitments and that new approaches to funding were needed, findings from research which examined the funding realities “on the ground” in partner countries and a challenge from the Chair of the Development Assistance Committee for donors to re-think their priorities for the support of local civil society organisations.
  • Edizioni: OECD/DAC
  • Date of publication: 2008