Promoting Gender Equality in New Aid Modalities and Partnerships

Lessons from Sub-regional Consultations in Africa - Discussion Paper

Promoting Gender Equality in New Aid Modalities and Partnerships
Held in Burundi in July 2006, Djibouti in November 2006, Ghana in November 2006 and Zambia in July 2007, the consultations on gender equality and aid effectiveness brought together representatives from governments, donor partners and civil society to share experiences andexplore strategies for advancing gender equality goals in the new aid environment.Drawing on the experiences and insights of the partcipants, this discussion paper outlines a capacity development strategy for advancing development effectiveness and gender equality in the new aid agenda.

Participants highlighted the lack of capacity of gender equality advocates to effectively engage in new aid modality policy and planning processes on the one hand, and the lack of capacity of finance and planning officials to effectively incorporate the gender implications of the new aid modalities in policy formulation on the other.

  • Author: UNIFEM
  • Edizioni: UNIFEM Gender Equality and Aid Effectiveness Discussion Papers
  • Date of publication: 2006